New Collection: “Marilyn”


NasonMoretti presents “Marilyn”, an exclusive collection of Murano drinking glasses dedicated to “Beer lovers”

Setting trends without abandoning the roots feel. For the final season of 2020, NasonMoretti launches a new collection of beer glasses, born from a recovery of archival drawings from the 1940s, a period marked by the Company’s fervent collaboration with Venetian bars and pastry shops. The re-edition comes with the name “Marilyn” (in homage to the most famous blonde in cinema, Marilyn Monroe) and with an elegant and functional design that combines the sophistication of handmade glass to the ancient Murano tradition.


Marilyn is a product dedicated to lovers and enthusiasts of “good drinking” and the craft brewing world, those who enjoy drinking beer with family or friends. The glass has a tall and narrow shape to minimize the exposure to ambient air, and a strong base to control the abundant foam of wheat beers. It is available in transparent color and six different textures: Balloton, Striped, Lente, Optic, Twisted, Optic striped.

The collection is accompanied by the slogan “One more beer” (also declined in Italian: “Un’altra birra”; in German: “Noch ein Bier”; in Spanish: “Otra cerveza”) which highlights the peculiar uniqueness of a glass that can transform a drink into a sensory experience that needs to be repeated.