Brown and grey lamp

Brown and grey lamp


Brown and grey lamp from Ensemble collection, created with original Murano glass, in collaboration with the designer Elena Salmistraro
Every piece is handcrafted or created with the help of moulds in which NasonMoretti’s masters blow the molten material, a mixture realized following some ancient recipes that date back to the foundation of the factory.


Brown and grey lamp from Ensemble collection. 

Since forever NasonMoretti has proved itself attentive towards the evolution of the table and the way of living it, without giving up beauty, creativity and authenticity, which derive from skilled pencils that are always ready to embrace new trends, in full compliance with traditions. The brown and grey lamp from Ensemble collection, created in collaboration with the designer Elena Salmistraro, is an example of this artistic philosophy. Born as a game, Ensemble expresses the love for daily use objects and the desire to restore their poetics through interlocks and overlaps. The elegant “combination” between the various, exquisitely blown glass-crafted elements, gives the object a poetics consisting of visual and physical balances, obtained also by skillfully combined textures, weights and colors. The bond with nature is reinforced by the use of earthly colours, combined with the lightness of the ancient crystal. Every Ensemble is a handcrafted works of art, which contains an ancient Venetian alchemy and the millennial knowledge of the Murano masters, joined with curiosity and the pursuit of a redefined modernity.

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Dimensions 18 × 50 cm


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